About Us

Combat Veteran Owned and Operated!  BSV Distribution was founded on the idea that a helpful, consistent, natural product be made available to all who seek the great benefits often attributed to CBD!

Affordable, Sustainable, and easily Attainable. CBD.

Our Story: 

After years of chronic pain and repeated stress injuries while serving the country one lone agent stood tall and victorious among those who fell short on their promises, that lone hero was CBD!  CBD provided relief from pains we once thought we'd be plagued by forever.  After finding CBD to be an extremely helpful substance to our own issues we found something startling as time went on.  The CBD we were receiving was woefully inconsistent with one bottle doing amazing at providing relief while the next might only be so-so.  Pricing seemed to also be an issue for many who would like to use CBD but simply couldn't afford the high prices on the doses they required.  Enough was enough, it was time to rectify this situation.  So BSV Distribution was forged, through the fire of necessity.  Now we have one clear goal in mind; bring high quality, consistently effective, organically derived, CBD to the people at an affordable price so that everyone can enjoy the benefits!